Royal Engineers

Khedive's Star, dated 1882, named to 15602 Driver J. Houlston, C Troop, Royal Engineers.
Khedive's Star, dated 1882, named to 16094 Sapper C. Lee, 24th Co., Royal Engineers.
Khedive's Star, dated 1884-6, named to 17601 Shoeing Smith George McManus, 17th Co., Royal Engineers. In fact, his service in the Sudan was with 24th Co.
Khedive's Star, dated 1882, recently machine-engraved to 8094 Sapper G. Pettitt, 24th Co., Royal Engineers. This Star accompanies a correctly-named and genuine Egypt Medal.
Khedive's Star, dated 1882, named to 8286 Second Corporal E. Reeve, Royal Engineers.

It is interesting to note that Lee's regimental number has been impressed, and his surname and initial have been engraved. One might speculate that regimental numbers were impressed at Company level, but that individual soldiers preferred to add their names later.

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