History of the 46th Regiment

The information on the following pages is mostly taken from Cannon's Historical Record of the 46th, or South Devonshire, Regiment of Foot, published in 1851. So far only the period from the raising of the regiment to November, 1778, and that from March, 1812, to July, 1858, are covered in any detail, but the gaps will be filled in as time permits, and further information will also be added to all sections. Please check back soon if the information you are looking for is not yet present.

1741-1748 - Raising of the Regiment - "Murray's Bucks" - The Jacobite Rebellion

1749-1763 - The Seven Years' War - Canada - Martinique - Havannah

1764-1778 - America, Ireland, and the American Revoluntion

1779-1792 - The Caribbean - Capture of St. Eustatius

1793-1812 - The Napoleonic Wars - St. Vincent - Dominica - Martinique

1813-1832 - Australia - India

1833-1847 - Home - Gibraltar - The Caribbean - Canada - Home Again

1848-1854 - Home - Scandal

1854-1858 - Crimea - Corfu

Other Sources of Information

Timeline covering the 32nd and 46th Regiments and the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1702-1997.

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