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46th Regiment

It is hoped that this page will eventually provide comprehensive summaries of every battle in which men of the 46th Regiment were involved. Anyone who can provide details of any such battles is warmly encouraged to pass them to us for inclusion.

(Battles for which battle honours were awarded to the regiment are shown in bold type).

The '45

The Conquest of Canada

The Capture of Martinique, 1762

Capture of the Havannah, 1762
  • Storm of the Moro Fort, 30th July, 1762

  • Siege and Fall of the Havannah, 11th-13th August, 1762

American Revolutionary Wars

  • Capture of Long Island, 22nd to 28th August, 1776

  • Capture of New York, 1776

  • Capture and Reduction of Fort Washington, 1776

  • Battle of Brandywine Creek, 11th September, 1777

  • Action of Paoli's Tavern, 20th September, 1777

  • Capture of Philadelphia, 1777

  • Battle of Germantown, 4th October, 1777

  • Action of Monmouth Court-House, 28th June, 1778

  • Assault and Capture of Bedford, 5th September, 1778

  • Assault and Capture of Martha's Vineyard, September, 1778

  • Invasion and Capture of St. Lucia, 13th to 30th December, 1778

  • Defence of La Vigie, 18th December, 1778

  • Capture of St. Eustatius, 1781

St. Vincent, 1795
  • Assault and capture of Dorsetshire Hill, 14th/15th March, 1795

  • Action of 10th April, 1795

  • Battle of Dorsetshire Hill, 8th May, 1795

  • Assault and Capture of the Virgie, 12th June, 1795

  • Assault and Capture of the Vigie, 2nd October, 1795

  • Assault and Capture of the New Vigie, 10th June, 1796

Defence of Dominica, 22nd to 27th February, 1805

Capture of L'Impérial, 6th May, 1806

Martinique, 24th February, 1809

Guadeloupe, 6th February, 1810

Siege and Capture of Kittoor, 9th December, 1824

Crimean War, 1854-56

  • Battle of the Alma, 20th September, 1854

  • Battle of Balaklava, 25th October, 1854

  • Battle of Inkermann, 5th November, 1854

  • Siege and Fall of Sebastopol, 25th September, 1854 to 8th September, 1855

    • Trench Warfare

    • Assault on the Quarries, 7th June, 1855

    • First Assault on the Redan, 18th June, 1855

    • Final Assault on the Redan, 8th September, 1855

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Other Sources of Information

Battle Honours of the 32nd and 46th Regiments and the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1704-1945.

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